QNativeInterface Namespace

Contains the available native interfaces. More...

Header: #include <QNativeInterface>
Since: Qt 6.0


(since 6.2) struct QAndroidApplication
(since 6.0) struct QAndroidOffscreenSurface
(since 6.7) struct QAndroidScreen
(since 6.0) struct QCocoaGLContext
(since 6.0) struct QEGLContext
(since 6.0) struct QGLXContext
(since 6.0) struct QSGD3D11Texture
(since 6.6) struct QSGD3D12Texture
(since 6.0) struct QSGMetalTexture
(since 6.0) struct QSGOpenGLTexture
(since 6.0) struct QSGVulkanTexture
(since 6.0) struct QWGLContext
(since 6.5) struct QWaylandApplication
(since 6.7) struct QWaylandScreen
(since 6.7) struct QWindowsScreen
(since 6.2) struct QX11Application

Detailed Description

For documentation on how to use these interfaces, see the Native Interfaces overview.

Warning: There are no source or binary compatibility guarantees for the native interface APIs, meaning that an application using these interfaces is only guaranteed to work with the Qt version it was developed against.

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