Specifies a custom set of plugins to import for a static Qt build.

The command is defined in the Core component of the Qt6 package, which can be loaded like so:

find_package(Qt6 REQUIRED COMPONENTS Core)

This command was introduced in Qt 5.14.


                  [INCLUDE plugin ...]
                  [EXCLUDE plugin ...]
                  [INCLUDE_BY_TYPE plugin_type plugin ...]
                  [EXCLUDE_BY_TYPE plugin_type]

If versionless commands are disabled, use qt6_import_plugins() instead. It supports the same set of arguments as this command.


Specifies a custom set of plugins to import. The optional arguments: INCLUDE, EXCLUDE, INCLUDE_BY_TYPE, and EXCLUDE_BY_TYPE, can be used more than once.

  • INCLUDE – can be used to specify a list of plugins to import.
  • EXCLUDE – can be used to specify a list of plugins to exclude.
  • INCLUDE_BY_TYPE – can be used to override the list of plugins to import for a certain plugin type.
  • EXCLUDE_BY_TYPE – can be used to specify a plugin type to exclude; then no plugins of that type are imported.
  • NO_DEFAULT – prevent the default plugins from being included automatically (for example, the default platform plugin).

Qt provides plugin types such as imageformats, platforms, and sqldrivers.

If the command isn't used the target automatically links against a sane set of default plugins, for each Qt module that the target is linked against. For more information, see target_link_libraries.

Each plugin comes with a C++ stub file that automatically initializes the plugin. Consequently, any target that links against a plugin has this C++ file added to its SOURCES.

Note: This command imports plugins from static Qt builds only. On shared builds, it does nothing.


qt_add_executable(myapp main.cpp)
target_link_libraries(myapp Qt::Gui Qt::Sql)
    INCLUDE Qt::QCocoaIntegrationPlugin
    EXCLUDE Qt::QMinimalIntegrationPlugin
    INCLUDE_BY_TYPE imageformats Qt::QGifPlugin Qt::QJpegPlugin
    EXCLUDE_BY_TYPE sqldrivers

In the snippet above, the following occurs with the executable myapp:

  • The Qt6::QCocoaIntegrationPlugin is imported into myapp.
  • The Qt6::QMinimalIntegrationPlugin plugin is excluded from being automatically imported into myapp.
  • The default list of plugins for imageformats is overridden to only include Qt6::QGifPlugin and Qt6::QJpegPlugin.
  • All sqldrivers plugins are excluded from automatic importing.

See also qt_import_qml_plugins().

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