OffsetData Struct

struct QTimeZone::OffsetData

Detailed Description

The time zone offset data for a given moment in time.

This provides the time zone offsets and abbreviation to use at that moment in time. When a function returns this type, it may use an invalid datetime to indicate that the query it is answering has no valid answer, so check atUtc.isValid() before using the results.

  • OffsetData::atUtc The datetime of the offset data in UTC time.
  • OffsetData::offsetFromUtc The total offset from UTC in effect at the datetime.
  • OffsetData::standardTimeOffset The standard time offset component of the total offset.
  • OffsetData::daylightTimeOffset The DST offset component of the total offset.
  • OffsetData::abbreviation The abbreviation in effect at the datetime.

For example, for time zone "Europe/Berlin" the OffsetDate in standard and DST might be:

This type is only available when feature timezone is enabled.

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