Qt QML Models QML Types

This QML module contains types for defining data models in QML.

To use the types in this module, import the module with the following line:

import QtQml.Models

Note: QtQml.Models module started at version 2.1 to match the version of the parent module, Qt Qml.

In addition, Qt.labs.qmlmodels provides experimental QML types for models. To use these experimental types, import the module with the following line:

import Qt.labs.qmlmodels

QML Types


Encapsulates a model and delegate


Encapsulates a filtered set of visual data items


Dynamically creates objects


Instantiates a QItemSelectionModel to be used in conjunction with a QAbstractItemModel and any view supporting it


Defines a data item in a ListModel


Defines a free-form list data source


Defines a set of items to be used as a model


Specifies a collection of named items

Experimental QML Types


Encapsulates a delegate and when to use it


Allows a view to use different delegates for different types of items in the model


Encapsulates a simple table model


Represents a column in a model

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