Qt Quick 3D Effects QML Types

This module is deprecated since QtQuick3D.Effects 6.5. We strongly advise against using it in new code.

Use ExtendedSceneEnvironment, MultiEffect, or user-defined effects via the Effect type instead.

Warning: All pre-made standalone effects in QtQuick3D.Effects are considered deprecated starting with Qt 6.5. Instead, to get high quality, high performing implementations of post-processing effects performed by the 3D renderer, such as depth of field, glow and bloom, lens flare, vignette, color adjustments and grading, fog, or ambient occlusion, use ExtendedSceneEnvironment. It offers better performance, better visual quality, better interoperation when combining effects, for instance proper support for tonemapping, and is a better fit for visual design tools such as Qt Design Studio. For 2D effects that do not need to be performed within the 3D scene, such as bluring the content of a View3D item, use MultiEffect on the View3D (or a parent of it). If none of these are suitable, applications can provide their own post-processing effects via the Effect type.

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