Qt Digital Advertising plugin to run needs to meet following requirements:


Internet connection is needed for a communication with the ad server.

On average, communication messages are the following sizes:

  1. Request - 900 B.
  2. Response:
    • 1.25 KB if there is an ad to play.
    • 300 B if there is no ad to play.
  3. Proof of Play - 400 - 800 B, depending on headers.

Moreover the bandwidth requirements varies depending on the media content, e.g. full HD video will demand more bandwidth than an image.

For a venue requesting spots of 75 seconds duration, in a loop, operating 24 hours a day, and receiving an ad to play on every request, that would equate to minimum of 2 MB per day and 60 MB per month.


To handle video and audio multimedia ad content it is necessary to provide multimedia backend.

Qt Multimedia builds upon the multimedia framework of the underlying system, e.g. GStreamer for Unix, or DirectShow for Windows. This can mean that support for various codecs or containers can vary between machines, depending on what the end user has installed.

For more information about multimedia backends, please see following wiki page.


SSL library is used for secure network communication with the ad server via SSL protocol.

Note: SSL library is not shipped with the plugin.

For more information you can check following documentation page.

Google play services for Android apps

If you intend build an Android Application with Qt digital ads enabled, google play services dependency has to be mandatorily specified. Here is an example


dependencies {

    implementation fileTree(dir: 'libs', include: ['*.jar', '*.aar'])
    implementation ''

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