The Qt Digital Advertising Webassembly solution comprises a WebAssembly (WASM)-hosted file which you can load in a browser or any web-enabled viewport which supports the Webassembly standard. You request an ad by hitting a URL endpoint and configuring the request using URL query parameters. Please see the following URL:


This demonstrates the following parameters, explained in the next section.


  • qdaApiKey: This is a unique key which you will get once you sign up for Qt Digital Advertisements (here, select “I want to try Qt and the digital ads tooling”). When starting out please use the demo key as shown in the URL above.
  • pxOrgId: This is a static value which will be provided to you upon onboarding.
  • adUnitName: This is the unique name of the screen displaying the ad. For now the options are demo_adunit-only_banner for banners and demo_adunit-only_video for videos.
  • format: This specifies whether you are retrieving a banner ad or a video ad. Right now the options are ‘banner’ for static images and ‘vast4’ for video.
  • mimeType: This is an optional parameter; it allows you to specify which specific MIME types you would like to retrieve. Examples include png, jpg, or mp4.
  • width: The width of the creative. Note that now this is optional, as the adunits will be assigned width and height by default so if left out, will simply return the default size which matches the screen.
  • height: See above.
  • bgcolor: allows you to specify the background color of the page.

Next steps

While doing a proof of concept, you should work off of the Qt hosted Webassembly Solution. Once you are ready to launch your app's POC, the Qt Digital Ads operations team will send you the Webassembly files to allow you to self-host.

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