Qt Quick Ultralite Motorcycle Cluster Demo

Demonstrates integrating QML and C++, and handling multiple variants of the same design.


The application demonstrates a Motorcycle Instrument Cluster supporting two different screen configurations: 800x480px and 720x1280px (rotated). It's possible to switch between configurations using the SIZE_VARIANT cmake variable.

For example:

cmake .. -DSIZE_VARIANT=small

Setting this variable to small will produce binaries supporting a resolution of 800x480px. Setting it to big will produce binaries supporting a resolution of 720x1280px. The big variant is rotated by 90 degrees, for example to accomodate a display natively orientated in portrait mode.

The demo shows how to connect a C++ simulation backend to the QML user interface.

The application contains:

  • welcome animation
  • driving cycle
  • goodbye animation
  • day mode (only in small variant)
  • navigation with keyboard (only in small variant)
  • warnings (only in small variant)

Target platforms

  • MIMXRT1170 (big variant)
  • RH850-D1M1A (small variant)
  • STM32F769i-discovery (small variant)
  • Infineon/Cypress Traveo II (small variant)


Night Mode

Day Mode




Available under certain Qt licenses.
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