WarpInfo Struct

struct Tvii::Warping::WarpInfo

A struct holding information about layer's warping capabilities. More...

Header: #include <tviiextras/layerwarping.h>
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 1.9

Detailed Description

This struct holds the information about the warping buffers the layer has, as well as a CYGFX_WARP_PARAM_S struct for describing a warp coordinate buffer, and the number of extra lines to keep in the line buffer for warping.

For information about how to prepare warping buffers, CYGFX_WARP_PARAM_S, and the number of lines to be kept in the line buffer, refer to chapter 3.11.6 Warping Buffer of the Graphics Driver for Traveo II Cluster Series User Guide.

See also setWarpingBufferForLayer(), warpInfoForLayer(), and layerHasWarping().

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