Software support for vector graphics


This variable enables you to render vector graphics shapes when using Shape and ShapePath. This variable is enabled by default, but you can disable it either when your application is not using Qt Quick Ultralite Shapes or your target board supports vector graphics through hardware acceleration.

Note: Disabling software support for vector graphics will save flash memory.

To disable software support for vector graphics, rebuild the Core library with QUL_SOFTWARE_RASTERIZER_FREETYE=OFF. See Building Qt Quick Ultralite from sources for more information.

This page uses QUL_ROOT and QUL_TOOLS in command line examples as if they were set as environment variables. For example:

export QUL_ROOT=$HOME/Qt/QtMCUs/2.7.1
export QUL_TOOLS=$HOME/Qt/Tools/QtMCUs
set QUL_ROOT=C:\Qt\QtMCUs\2.7.1
set QUL_TOOLS=C:\Qt\Tools\QtMCUs



For further information on target boards that support vector graphics, see Supported Target Boards and Development Hosts.


This variable was introduced in Qt Quick Ultralite 2.5.0.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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