Warning: Using cmake target properties is deprecated since 2.4, consider using MCU.Config.fontHeapSize instead.

Note: Board defaults can be set using QmlProject in the BoardDefaults.qmlprojectconfig files. See Defining default variables for the platform and QmlProject Manual.

Note: This property is relevant only for the Monotype Spark font engine.


The maximum amount of RAM (in bytes) that the font engine will use for its heap.

Since Qt Quick Ultralite 1.9, the heap buffer is preallocated by default, if a specific size is requested by QUL_FONT_HEAP_SIZE.

The default value is -1, which means that the heap usage is not restricted and therefore no buffer is preallocated in this case. See QUL_FONT_HEAP_PREALLOC for instructions on how to disable preallocation.

See Text Rendering and Fonts for font engine-specific details.


set_target_properties(<Executable Target> PROPERTIES
    QUL_FONT_FILES <Monotype Spark Font File>

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