Flashing Instructions for Renesas boards

You can use Renesas Flash Programmer in order to flash the application binary to the Renesas board. For example, the following instructions guide you to flash the Automotive demo onto RH850-D1M1A:

  1. Launch Renesas Flash Programmer
  2. Create a new project by using menu File > New Project...

  3. Enter desired project name and location. Click Connect button

  4. When Set Clock window appears, enter 8 MHz as Main Clock Frequency and click OK button

  5. When the setup completes, you should see Operation Completed message in the output window
  6. In the main window, ensure that the Operation tab is selected. Click the Browse... button, and navigate to the directory that contains the compiled binary and select it.
  7. Click the Start button and wait for the operation to complete
  8. Disconnect Renesas flash programmer from the board

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