Enable optimization for splitting the image into opaque segments.


By default, each image can be split into opaque segments during image processing. Thereby Qt Quick Ultralite avoids storing fully transparent borders or regions. This flag is true by default. Set this flag to false to disable the optimization.

Note: Split image optimization can cause rendering artifacts when the transformation is applied to an image.


This property is accepted in any context where its parent node is accepted. It takes a boolean value, and the default value is true.

Code example:

ImageFiles {
    MCU.Experimental.resourceSplitImageOptimization: false

Note: This property can also be applied to every image resource in the QmlProject file if defined in MCU.Config as follows:

MCU.Config {
    Experimental.resourceSplitImageOptimization: false


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also Qt Quick Ultralite Platform Porting Guide and QUL_RESOURCE_SPLIT_IMAGE_OPTIMIZATION.

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