Set the maximum paragraph size in characters.


If a paragraph exceeds maxParagraphSize that is considered an error, and the placeholder glyphs will be displayed instead.

For text that is not known at compile-time (e.g. fetched from the network), the programmer can insert 0x000A (End of Line) Unicode character at appropriate places to make it fit into maxParagraphSize chunks.

This text buffer is used by the text shaping engine and the Unicode engine.


This property is accepted in the main application .qmlproject file, or BoardDefaults.qmlprojectconfig for the target platform. It takes an integer, and the default value is 100.

Code example:

MCU.Config {
    maxParagraphSize: 200


This property was introduced in QmlProject API 1.3 .

See also languages and writing systems and QUL_MAX_PARAGRAPH_SIZE.

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