In addition to generating source files from a QmlProject, qmlprojectexporter can also generate project files for a 3rd party IDE or build system. It can also export the platform sources together with the source files generated from the QmlProject.

Use the --project-type command-line argument to choose one of the following types:

  • none (default)
  • ghs
  • cmake

When generating a project using this argument, qmlprojectexporter must know which platform and toolchain to target. You could provide this information either using the --platform and --toolchain arguments, or the --platform-metadata argument with a platform metadata file describing a platform port.

You can also generate a project with platform sources only by using the --no-export-qml command-line argument.


qmlprojectexporter --platform rh850-d1m1a-baremetal --toolchain ghs --project-type ghs --outdir output-dir my_project.qmlproject


This option was introduced in Qt for MCUs 2.5.

See also qmlprojectexporter and Exporting a Qt for MCUs project with platform sources.

Available under certain Qt licenses.
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