qmlprojectexporter can update the Qt for MCUs parts of an existing project.

Note: You can update "ghs" projects only.

If the project was generated or updated by qmlprojectexporter v2.6 or later, the command-line arguments used to generate the project are stored in the same directory as the main project file. This simplifies the command when updating, as you don't need to repeat the platform, toolchain, output directory, and additional paths used earlier. You can override the stored values by providing the corresponding arguments and their new values.

In the command below, the --qmlproject-outdir is specified, allowing the user to override the previously used value for this specific argument. All other relevant arguments remain unchanged from the previous run.


qmlprojectexporter my_project.qmlproject --update-project /path/to/project.gpj --qmlproject-outdir /some/other/path


This option was introduced in Qt for MCUs 2.6.

See also qmlprojectexporter and Exporting a Qt for MCUs project with platform sources.

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