Differences between Qt Quick Ultralite Controls and Qt Quick Controls

The Qt Quick Ultralite offers a subset of Qt Quick Controls API. The available types and their properties, signals, and methods are listed in the API reference.

Overview of supported controls

The following table defines how Qt Quick Controls is supported in Qt Quick Ultralite.

A Qt Quick Controls controlA Qt Quick Ultralite controlStatus
ActionNot supported
ActionGroupNot supported
ApplicationWindowNot supported
BusyIndicatorImplemented in upcoming versions
ButtonGroupImplemented in upcoming versions
CheckDelegateNot supported
ComboBoxImplemented in upcoming versions
ContainerNot supported
ControlNot supported
DelayButtonNot supported
DialogImplemented in upcoming versions
DialogButtonBoxNot supported
DrawerNot supported
FrameNot supported
GroupBoxNot supported
ItemDelegateNot supported
LabelNot supported
MenuImplemented in upcoming versions
MenuBarImplemented in upcoming versions
MenuBarItemImplemented in upcoming versions
MenuSeparatorImplemented in upcoming versions
OverlayImplemented in upcoming versions
PageImplemented in upcoming versions
PageIndicatorImplemented in upcoming versions
PaneImplemented in upcoming versions
PopupImplemented in upcoming versions
RadioDelegateNot supported
RangeSliderImplemented in upcoming versions
RoundButtonNot supported
ScrollBarNot supported
ScrollIndicatorImplemented in upcoming versions
ScrollViewNot supported
SpinBoxImplemented in upcoming versions
SplitHandleNot supported
SplitViewNot supported
StackViewImplemented in upcoming versions
SwipeDelegateNot supported
SwitchDelegateNot supported
TabBarImplemented in upcoming versions
TabButtonImplemented in upcoming versions
TextAreaNot supported
TextFieldNot supported
ToolBarNot supported
ToolButtonNot supported
ToolSeparatorNot supported
ToolTipNot supported
TumblerNot supported


Font property is not inherited from parent

The value of the Control::font property group does not propagate to child controls.

SwipeView {
    id: swipeView
    font.family: "DejaVu Serif"
    font.pixelSize: 20

    Rectangle {
        color: "white"

        Button {
            text: "Button"
            font: swipeView.font // Not needed in Qt Quick

Set the font properties individually, or make a custom controls style.

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