Config Struct

struct Tvii::Configuration::Config

A struct holding the config for an OTF layer. More...

Header: #include <tviiextras/tviiconfiguration.h>
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 1.9

Detailed Description

Config struct holds three values which can be modified:

  • copses is the number of copses, which are used for rendering images with compression in LBO mode.
  • fifo is the size of the FIFO used to buffer instructions for the command sequencer. A large number of visual elements might require bigger FIFO buffer size.
  • lines is the size of the line buffer used by LBO. A bigger line buffer consumes more VRAM, but also reduces the risk of visual glitches that could result if a line does not finish rendering before the time it should be displayed using OTF mode.

See also defaultConfigForOTFLayer(), configForOTFLayer(), and setConfigForOTFLayer().

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