WarpInfo Struct

struct Tvii::Warping::WarpInfo

A struct holding information about layer's warping capabilities. More...

Header: #include <tviiextras/layerwarping.h>
Since: Qt Quick Ultralite (Platform) 1.9

Detailed Description

This struct holds the information about the warping buffers the layer has, as well as a CYGFX_WARP_PARAM_S struct for describing a warp coordinate buffer, and the number of extra lines to keep in the line buffer for warping.

For information about how to prepare warping buffers, CYGFX_WARP_PARAM_S, and the number of lines to be kept in the line buffer, refer to chapter 3.11.6 Warping Buffer of the Graphics Driver for TRAVEO™ T2G Cluster Series User Guide.

See also setWarpingBufferForLayer(), warpInfoForLayer(), and layerHasWarping().

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