Qt IVI Generator Addressbook Example

/**************************************************************************** ** Generated from 'Example.IVI.AddressBook.qface' ** ** Created by: The QFace generator (QtAS 5.12.8) ** ** WARNING! All changes made in this file will be lost! *****************************************************************************/
#include "addressbookmodulefactory.h" /*! \class AddressBookModuleFactory \inmodule Example.IVI.AddressBook \brief The AddressBookModuleFactory class provides factory methods for all structs defined in the Example.IVI.AddressBook module. */ AddressBookModuleFactory::AddressBookModuleFactory(QObject *parent) : AddressBookModule(parent) { } /*! \brief Generate default instance of Contact. \sa Contact */ Contact AddressBookModuleFactory::contact() const { return Contact(); } /*! \brief Generate instance of Contact using attributes. \sa Contact */ Contact AddressBookModuleFactory::contact(const QString &forename, const QString &name, int phone) const { return Contact(forename, name, phone); }