QtIfMedia MediaPlayer RemoteObjects Backend

Supported interfaces


The backend uses qtifmedia as it's configurationId and accepts the following serviceSettings:

connectionUrlThe url the interface tries to connect to using Qt Remote Objects. Defaults to local:qtifmedia. Changing this value at runtime will reconnect the backend to the new URL.
connectionTimeoutDefines when a timeout warning should be printed (in milliseconds). To disable the warning set the timeout to -1.

In addition to those global settings, the values can also be provided per backend interface and this allows the backend to connect to multiple remote objects instances. Interface specific settings need to be prefixed with the interface name. The following example uses a global connectionTimeout and a specific connectionUrl for the player interface, while all other interfaces use the default connectionUrl:

    connectionTimeout: 1000,
    MediaPlayer: {
        connectionUrl: "tcp://"

For backward compatibility a server.conf file in the current directory of the application (or specified by SERVER_CONF_PATH), but is marked as deprecated and will be removed in future Qt releases.

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