List of Built-in Services

Qbs provides the following built-in JavaScript extensions to simplify operations that are expected to be needed often in project files.

To gain access to the operations provided by a particular Service - for example, the File service - use the following statement at the top of your Qbs project file:

import qbs.File

If you instead need to access the service from a JavaScript file, import it using the following statement at the top of your JavaScript file:

var File = require("qbs.File");

BinaryFile Service

Provides read and write operations on binary files.

Environment Service

Provides operations on the system environment.

File Service

Provides operations on the file system.

FileInfo Service

Provides operations on file paths.

General Services

Provides various operations.

Host Service

Provides host information.

Process Service

Allows you to start external processes.

PropertyList Service

Provides read, write and convert operations on property list files.

TemporaryDir Service

Creates a unique directory for temporary use.

TextFile Service

Provides read and write operations on text files.

Utilities Service

Provides miscellaneous operations.

Xml Service

Provides a DOM parser and generator to JavaScript.

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