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Detailed Description

Finds executable files that have the specified file names.

BinaryProbe searches for executable files within directories specified by the PATH environment variable.

Note: On Unix, also searches in the /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin directories by default. Override PathProbe.platformSearchPaths to change this behavior.

Note: On Windows, only files that have .com, .exe, .bat, .cmd extensions are considered executables. Override PathProbe.nameSuffixes to change this behavior.

For example, BinaryProbe can be used to search for a protobuf compiler executable as follows:

// Assuming module is called "myproto"
import qbs.File
import qbs.Probes

Module {
    // search for a protoc executable
    Probes.BinaryProbe {
        id: protocProbe
        names: "protoc"
    property string executableFilePath: protocProbe.filePath

    validate: {
        if (!File.exists(executableFilePath))
            throw "The executable '" + executableFilePath + "' does not exist.";

    // use the found executable
    Rule {
        // rule input/outputs here...

        // run executable for the module called "myproto":
        prepare: {
            var args = // initialize arguments...
            var cmd = new Command(input.myproto.executableFilePath, args);
            cmd.highlight = "codegen";
            cmd.description = "generating protobuf files for " + input.fileName;
            return [cmd];

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