Qt Modules

The Qt.* modules contain properties and rules for Qt.

Creating Dependencies to Qt Modules

The Qt modules are grouped using the prefix Qt. If your product depends on the Qt.core and Qt.network modules, you could write:

Depends { name: "Qt.core" }
Depends { name: "Qt.network" }

Or, alternatively:

Depends { name: "Qt"; submodules: [ "core", "network" ] }

The Qt modules that have properties and relevant file tags are described in separate topics.

Qt-specific Module Provider Properties

Looking up a Qt installation happens via a module provider. By default, if a dependency to a Qt module is encountered, Qbs collects all Qt installations it can find. This lookup happens by searching for qmake executables in the PATH environment variable. Alternatively, you can explicitly tell Qbs which Qt installations it should consider by setting the Qt.qmakeFilePaths module provider property. In that case, the environment will be ignored. For instance, with the following Linux command line, Qbs will build the project against a custom Qt instead of the standard one in /usr/bin:

$ qbs moduleProviders.Qt.qmakeFilePaths:/opt/myqt/bin/qmake

You can also set the module provider property in a profile. The simplest way to do this is via the setup-qt tool.

List of Submodules

Submodule NameQt Module NameNotes
axcontainerQAxContainerThis module is only available on Windows.
axserverQAxServerThis module is only available on Windows.
concurrentQt Concurrent
coreQt CoreFor more information, see Qt.core.
dbusQt D-BusFor more information, see Qt.dbus.
declarativeQt Quick 1Provides the Qt Quick 1 module. For more information, see Qt.declarative.
designerQt Designer
enginioQt Enginio
guiQt GUIFor more information, see Qt.gui.
helpQt HelpYou do not need this module for building qdoc documentation, because that functionality is part of the Qt.core module. This module is for using Qt classes such as QHelpEngine.
multimediaQt Multimedia
multimediawidgetsQt Multimedia Widgets
networkQt Network
openglQt OpenGL
phononPhonon (Qt 4 only)
printsupportQt Print Support
quickQt Quick 2Provides the Qt Quick module (Qt Quick 2). For more information, see Qt.quick.
quickcontrols2Qt Quick Controls 2
qmlQt QMLFor more information, see Qt.qml.
qmltestQt Quick Test
scriptQt Script
scxmlQt ScxmlFor more information, see Qt.scxml.
sqlQt SQL
svgQt SVG
testlibQt Test
webkitQt WebKit
webkitwidgetsQt WebKit Widgets
widgetsQt Widgets
xmlQt XMLYou do not need this module for the QXmlStreamReader and QXmlStreamWriter classes, because those classes are a part of the Qt.core module. This module provides the deprecated DOM and SAX classes.
xmlpatternsQt XML Patterns

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