Qt Bluetooth Examples

This is a variety of examples that cover the entire range of the Qt Bluetooth API. You will find them in their own documentation but they are also accessible from here.

C++ Tutorial

The Bluetooth Chat example contains a tutorial on how to use the C++ API to create a RFCOMM server and client, and exchange data between them.

C++ Examples

Bluetooth ChatSimple chat server and client via Bluetooth.
Bluetooth File TransferTransfer files between Bluetooth devices.
Bluetooth ScannerScan for Bluetooth devices.

QML Examples

QML Bluetooth Chat ExampleSimple chat client via Bluetooth.
QML Bluetooth Picture Push ExampleTransfer pictures between Bluetooth devices.
QML Bluetooth PingPongPing pong game demonstrating Bluetooth socket communication between two devices.
QML Bluetooth ScannerScan for Bluetooth devices and services.
QML Bluetooth Low Energy Heart Rate GameConnect to Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate belts and receive measurements such as the current pulse.
QML Bluetooth Low Energy ScannerScan for Bluetooth Low Energy devices and show their services and characteristics.

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