Qt Positioning Serial NMEA plugin


Included with Qt Location is a position plugin which parses NMEA sentences streamed over a serial port into position updates.

This plugin can be loaded by using the provider name serialnmea.


The following table lists parameters that can be passed to the serialnmea plugin.

serialnmea.serial_portThe serial port where the NMEA stream is coming.

Parameter Usage Example

The following examples show how to create a serialnmea PositionSource listening on a specific serial port


PositionSource {
    name: "serialnmea"
    PluginParameter { name: "serialnmea.serial_port"; value: "tnt1" }


QVariantMap params;
params["serialnmea.serial_port"] = "tnt1";
QGeoPositionInfoSource *positionSource = QGeoPositionInfoSource::createSource("serialnmea", params, this);

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