Getting Started with QDoc

Qt uses QDoc to generate its documentation set into HTML and DITA XML formats. QDoc uses a set of configuration files to generate documentation from QDoc comments. The comments have types called topics that determine whether a comment is a class documentation or a property documentation. A comment may also have mark up to enhance the layout and formatting of the final output.

There are three essential materials for generating documentation with QDoc:

  • QDoc binary
  • qdocconf configuration files
  • Documentation in C++, QML, and .qdoc files

Note: From Qt 5.11, QDoc requires Clang for parsing C++ header and source files, and for parsing the function signatures in \fn commands. See Installing Clang for QDoc for details.

This section intends to cover the basic necessities for creating a documentation set. Additionally, the guide presents special considerations and options to documenting non-C++ API documentation as well as QML documentation. Finally, the guide will provide a sample project documentation and an example of a QML type documentation.

For specific QDoc information, consult the QDoc Manual.


  1. Installing Clang for QDoc
  2. Creating QDoc Configuration Files
  3. Writing Documentation
  4. Categories of Documentation

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