QKnxNetIpSrp Class

The QKnxNetIpSrp class stores an extended search request parameter (SRP). More...

Header: #include <QKnxNetIpSrp>
qmake: QT += knx
Since: Qt 5.12

This class was introduced in Qt 5.12.

Detailed Description

A KNXnet/IP client may include zero or more search request parameter blocks (SRP) to transfer additional information regarding the search.

A KNXnet/IP server interprets SRPs using these rules: if a KNXnet/IP server supports the SRP, it applies the selection criteria as specified for the specific SRP type. Otherwise, if it is not supported and the M (Mandatory) bit is set, the server shall not respond to the search request. Moreover, if it is not supported and the M bit is not set, the server ignores this SRP and react as if this SRP were not present. If the evaluation of any of the SRPs leads to the decision to not respond to the search request, then the following SRPs are skipped.

A KNXnet/IP client cannot use an invalid SRP type code 00h. The KNXnet/IP server handles an SRP with the invalid code 00h as any other unknown SRP code.

See also QKnxNetIpSearchRequestProxy.

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