palette QML Basic Type

Available properties:

palette.alternateBase : colorUsed as the alternate background color in item views with alternating row colors.
palette.base : colorUsed mostly as the background color for text editor controls and items views. It is usually white or another light color.
palette.brightText : colorA text color that is very different from palette.windowText, and contrasts well with e.g. palette.dark. Typically used for text that needs to be drawn where palette.text, palette.windowText or palette.buttonText would give poor contrast, such as on highlighted buttons.
palette.button : colorThe general button background color. This background can be different from palette.window as some styles require a different background color for buttons.
palette.buttonText : colorA foreground color used with the palette.button color.
palette.dark : colorDarker than palette.button.
palette.highlight : colorA color to indicate a selected item or the current item.
palette.highlightedText : colorA text color that contrasts with palette.highlight.
palette.light : colorLighter than palette.button. : colorA text color used for hyperlinks.
palette.linkVisited : colorA text color used for already visited hyperlinks.
palette.mid : colorBetween palette.button and palette.dark.
palette.midlight : colorBetween palette.button and palette.light.
palette.shadow : colorA very dark color.
palette.text : colorThe foreground color used with palette.base. This is usually the same as the palette.windowText, in which case it must provide good contrast with palette.window and palette.base.
palette.toolTipBase : colorUsed as the background color for tooltips.
palette.toolTipText : colorUsed as the foreground color for tooltips.
palette.window : colorA general background color.
palette.windowText : colorA general foreground color.

See also Control::palette, Popup::palette, ApplicationWindow::palette, and QPalette::ColorRole.

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