QtMac Namespace

The QtMac namespace contains miscellaneous functionality specific to the macOS and iOS operating systems. More...

Header: #include <QtMac>
qmake: QT += macextras
Since: Qt 5.2

This namespace was introduced in Qt 5.2.


int applicationIconBadgeNumber()
CGContextRef currentCGContext()
QPixmap fromCGImageRef(CGImageRef image)
void setApplicationIconBadgeNumber(int number)
CGImageRef toCGImageRef(const QPixmap &pixmap)

Detailed Description

Function Documentation

int QtMac::applicationIconBadgeNumber()

Returns the value of the application icon a.k.a badge.

See also setApplicationIconBadgeNumber() and badgeLabelText().

CGContextRef QtMac::currentCGContext()

Returns the current CoreGraphics context.

QPixmap QtMac::fromCGImageRef(CGImageRef image)

Returns a QPixmap that is equivalent to the given image.

This function is not available in Qt 5.x until 5.0.2 and will return a null pixmap in earlier versions.

See also toCGImageRef() and Pixmap Conversion.

void QtMac::setApplicationIconBadgeNumber(int number)

Sets the value shown on the application icon a.k.a badge to number.

Unlike its macOS counterpart, only numbers can be used.

See also applicationIconBadgeNumber() and setBadgeLabelText().

CGImageRef QtMac::toCGImageRef(const QPixmap &pixmap)

Creates a CGImageRef equivalent to the QPixmap pixmap. Returns the CGImageRef handle.

It is the caller's responsibility to release the CGImageRef data after use.

This function is not available in Qt 5.x until 5.0.2 and will return NULL in earlier versions.

See also fromCGImageRef().

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