Example of installation for Windows using vcpkg

You can install Protobuf and gRPC packages on Windows using vcpkg.

Note: As an alternative solution, you can build Protobuf and gRPC packages manually. Build instructions can be found for Protobuf and gRPC respectively.

Windows installation prerequisites:

The vcpkg is a cross-platform C/C++ package manager. You can use the vcpkg for Protobuf, gRPC and its dependencies installation:

.\vcpkg.exe install protobuf protobuf:x64-windows
.\vcpkg.exe install grpc:x64-windows

Finally, you can build and execute Qt-based projects with Protobuf and gRPC support. For instance, run Magic 8 Ball from your installed version of Qt. The example requires both packages to be installed, since Magic 8 Ball uses native C++ source code generator plugin for the server part of application. Following steps are required to start Magic 8 Ball example:

  • Find Magic 8 Ball in Examples section:

  • Choose MSVC-based building kit from Qt-creator configuration settings:

  • Add the paths to the installed Protobuf and gRPC packages to the CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH environment variable inside Initial Configuration settings block:

  • Build and Run.

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