AnsiEscapeCodeHandler Class

class Utils::AnsiEscapeCodeHandler

The AnsiEscapeCodeHandler class parses text and extracts ANSI escape codes from it. More...

Header: #include <AnsiEscapeCodeHandler>

Detailed Description

In order to preserve color information across text segments, an instance of this class must be stored for the lifetime of a stream. Also, one instance of this class should not handle multiple streams (at least not at the same time).

Its main function is parseText(), which accepts text and default QTextCharFormat. This function is designed to parse text and split colored text to smaller strings, with their appropriate formatting information set inside QTextCharFormat.


  • Create new instance of AnsiEscapeCodeHandler for a stream.
  • To add new text, call parseText() with the text and a default QTextCharFormat. The result of this function is a list of strings with formats set in appropriate QTextCharFormat.

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