Big5-HKSCS Text Codec

The Big5-HKSCS codec provides conversion to and from the Big5-HKSCS encoding.

The codec grew out of the QBig5Codec originally contributed by Ming-Che Chuang <>. James Su <> <> and Anthony Fok <> <> implemented HKSCS-1999 QBig5hkscsCodec for Qt-2.3.x, but it was too late in Qt development schedule to be officially included in the Qt-2.3.x series.

Wu Yi <> ported the HKSCS-1999 QBig5hkscsCodec to Qt-3.0.1 in March 2002.

With the advent of the new HKSCS-2001 standard, James Su <> <> generated the Big5-HKSCS<->Unicode tables with a very space-efficient algorithm. He generously donated his code to glibc in May 2002. Subsequently, James has generously allowed Anthony Fok to adapt the code for Qt-3.0.5.

Currently, the Big5-HKSCS tables are generated from the following sources, and with the Euro character added:




There may be more fine-tuning to the QBig5hkscsCodec to maximize its compatibility with the standard Big5 (2002) mapping as determined by Li18nux Big5 Standard Subgroup. See for the various Big5 CharMapML tables.

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