GBK Text Codec

The GBK codec provides conversion to and from the Chinese GB18030/GBK/GB2312 encoding.

GBK, formally the Chinese Internal Code Specification, is a commonly used extension of GB 2312-80. Microsoft Windows uses it under the name codepage 936.

GBK has been superseded by the new Chinese national standard GB 18030-2000, which added a 4-byte encoding while remaining compatible with GB2312 and GBK. The new GB 18030-2000 may be described as a special encoding of Unicode 3.x and ISO-10646-1.

Special thanks to charset gurus Markus Scherer (IBM), Dirk Meyer (Adobe Systems) and Ken Lunde (Adobe Systems) for publishing an excellent GB 18030-2000 summary and specification on the Internet. Some must-read documents are:

The GBK codec was contributed to Qt by Justin Yu <> and Sean Chen <>. They may also be reached at Yu Mingjian <>, <> Chen Xiangyang <>

The GB18030 codec Qt functions were contributed to Qt by James Su <>, <> who pioneered much of GB18030 development on GNU/Linux systems.

The GB18030 codec was contributed to Qt by Anthony Fok <>, <> using a Perl script to generate C++ tables from gb-18030-2000.xml while merging contributions from James Su, Justin Yu and Sean Chen. A copy of the source Perl script is available at

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