Compatibility Map

Overview of supported sensors for each platform

Color Explanation
The feature is fully supported.
The feature is not supported.
Feature Android Linux iOS Universal Windows Platform Generic Sensorfw TI Sensor Tag
Ambient Light Sensor
Ambient Temperature Sensor
Holster Sensor
Humidity Sensor
IR Proximity Sensor
Lid Sensor
Light Sensor
Orientation Sensor
Pressure Sensor
Proximity Sensor
Rotation Sensor
Tap Sensor
Tilt Sensor
Sensor Gestures
  1. Support depends on the underlying platform

In addition to the table above, each sensor type might support specific features. For example, a magnetometer might support returning geo values. See isFeatureSupported() for additional details.

Sensor Gestures are mostly platform independent, and will run if the platform has the sensors required. Whether they are supported and work well or not depends on the platform.