Help System

Classes used to provide online-help for applications.

These classes provide online-help for your application, with three levels of detail:

  1. Tool Tips and Status Bar message - flyweight help, extremely brief, entirely integrated in the user interface, requiring little or no user interaction to invoke.

  2. What’s This? - lightweight, but can be a three-paragraph explanation.

  3. Online Help - can encompass any amount of information, but is typically slower to call up, somewhat separated from the user’s work, and often users feel that using online help is a digression from their real task.


The QToolTip class provides tool tips (balloon help) for any widget.


The QWhatsThis class provides a simple description of any widget, i.e. answering the question “What’s This?”.


The QStatusBar class provides a horizontal bar suitable for presenting status information.


The QHelpEvent class provides an event that is used to request helpful information about a particular point in a widget.


The QStatusTipEvent class provides an event that is used to show messages in a status bar.


The QWhatsThisClickedEvent class provides an event that can be used to handle hyperlinks in a “What’s This?” text.