Qt Location QML API changes since 5.4

Information about the Qt Location QML API changes since 5.4

This page lists the QtLocation QML API changes since the first Qt Location Technology Preview in Qt 5.4. Since Qt 5.6 this API is considered to be final and subsequent releases will not break the given API anymore.


The public C++ API remained binary compatible since Qt 5.4.

**** Map Component

  • removed wheelAngleChanged() signal

  • added error property

  • added errorString property

  • added copyrightLinkActivated signal

  • removed toScreenPosition() method

  • added fromCoordinate () method

  • replaced cameraStopped() method with prefetchData method

  • replaced fitViewportToGeoShape() method with visibleRegion property

  • added color property

  • added clearData method

**** MapGestureArea Component

  • removed movementStopped() signal

  • replaced isPanActive and isPinchActive properties with panActive and pinchActive properties

  • replaced activeGestures with acceptedGestures

  • replaced MapGestureArea .ZoomGesture with MapGestureArea.PinchGesture

  • removed properties panEnabled and pinchEnabled, please use acceptedGestures instead

**** MapPolyline Component

  • added containsCoordinate method

  • added coordinateAt method

  • added insertCoordinate method

  • added replaceCoordinate method

  • added removeCoordinate method

Geoservice ‘s plugin parameters

  • the HERE plugin uses the here prefix in front of each plugin parameter name

  • the OSM plugin uses the osm prefix in front of each plugin parameter name