A class for applying a QFileSelector to QML file loading. More

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Static functions

  • def get (arg__1)

Detailed Description

QQmlFileSelector will automatically apply a QFileSelector to qml file and asset paths.

It is used as follows:

QQmlEngine engine;
QQmlFileSelector* selector = new QQmlFileSelector(&engine);

Then you can swap out files like so:


In this example, main.qml will normally use Component.qml for the Component type. However on a unix platform, the unix selector will be present and the +unix/Component.qml version will be used instead. Note that this acts like swapping out Component.qml with +unix/Component.qml, so when using Component.qml you should not need to alter any paths based on which version was selected.

For example, to pass the “asset.png” file path around you would refer to it just as “asset.png” in all of main.qml, Component.qml, and +linux/Component.qml. It will be replaced with +mac/asset.png on Mac platforms in all cases.

For a list of available selectors, see QFileSelector.

Your platform may also provide additional selectors for you to use. As specified by QFileSelector , directories used for selection must start with a ‘+’ character, so you will not accidentally trigger this feature unless you have directories with such names inside your project.

If a new QQmlFileSelector is set on the engine, the old one will be replaced.

class PySide6.QtQml.QQmlFileSelector(engine[, parent=None])

Creates a new QQmlFileSelector with parent object parent, which includes its own QFileSelector . engine is the QQmlEngine you wish to apply file selectors to. It will also take ownership of the QQmlFileSelector .

static PySide6.QtQml.QQmlFileSelector.get(arg__1)


Return type



This function is deprecated.

The file selector should not be accessed after it is set. It may be in use. See below for further details.

Gets the QQmlFileSelector currently active on the target engine.

This method is deprecated. You should not retrieve the files selector from an engine after setting it. It may be in use.

If the engine passed here is a QQmlApplicationEngine that hasn’t loaded any QML files, yet, it will be initialized. Any later calls to setExtraFileSelectors() will have no effect.

Return type


Returns the QFileSelector instance used by the QQmlFileSelector .

See also



strings – list of strings

Adds extra selectors contained in strings to the current QFileSelector being used. Use this when extra selectors are all you need to avoid having to create your own QFileSelector instance.



Sets the QFileSelector instance for use by the QQmlFileSelector to selector. QQmlFileSelector does not take ownership of the new QFileSelector . To reset QQmlFileSelector to use its internal QFileSelector instance, call (None).

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