loadUiType(uifile: str)

uifile (str) – The name of the .ui file


tuple(object, object)

This function generates and loads a .ui file at runtime, and it returns a tuple containing the reference to the Python class, and the base class.

We recommend not to use this approach as the workflow should be to generate a Python file from the .ui file, and then import and load it to use it, but we do understand that there are some corner cases when such functionality is required.

The internal process relies on uic being in the PATH. The pyside6-uic wrapper uses a shipped uic that is located in the site-packages/PySide6/uic, so PATH needs to be updated to use that if there is no uic in the system.

A simple use case is:

from PySide6.QtUiTools import loadUiType

generated_class, base_class = loadUiType("themewidget.ui")
# the values will be:
#  (<class '__main__.Ui_ThemeWidgetForm'>, <class 'PySide6.QtWidgets.QWidget'>)

widget = base_class()
form = generated_class()
# form.a_widget_member.a_method_of_member()