The QWebEngineFullScreenRequest class enables accepting or rejecting requests for entering and exiting the fullscreen mode. More

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Detailed Description

To allow elements such as videos to be shown in the fullscreen mode, applications must set FullScreenSupportEnabled and connect to fullScreenRequested , which takes a QWebEngineFullScreenRequest instance as an argument.

If an element of a web page requests to be shown in the fullscreen mode, fullScreenRequested will be emitted with an QWebEngineFullScreenRequest instance as an argument where toggleOn() returns true. The signal handler needs to then either call accept() or reject() .

If the request to enter the fullscreen mode is accepted, the element requesting fullscreen mode will fill the viewport, but it is up to the application to make the view fullscreen or to move the page to a view that is in the fullscreen mode.

Likewise, a fullScreenRequested will be emitted when the user wants to leave the full screen mode (that is, through the ExitFullScreen context menu action). In this case, toggleOn() will return false, and the signal handler again needs to accept() or reject() the request. If it is accepted, the applicaton needs to make sure that the global window state is restored.

class PySide6.QtWebEngineCore.QWebEngineFullScreenRequest(other)



Accepts the request to enter or exit the fullscreen mode.

Return type


This property holds The URL to be opened in the fullscreen mode..


Rejects a request to enter or exit the fullscreen mode.

Return type


This property holds Whether the web page has issued a request to enter fullscreen mode..