Qt Positioning GeoClue v2 plugin

Uses the GeoClue v2 library to provide positioning updates


This plugin is an interface to the GeoClue v2 library. It requires this library to be installed on the system to function.

The plugin uses D-Bus to establish communication with the GeoClue v2 D-Bus service and to provide positioning information.

The plugin can be used to receive only the positioning information. It does not provide satellite information.

The plugin can be loaded by using the provider name geoclue2.


The following table lists parameters that can be passed to the geoclue2 plugin.




The Desktop Id property used by the D-Bus service. If the parameter is not specified, the application name provided by applicationName() is used.

Usage example

The following examples show how to create a geoclue2 PositionSource from C++ and QML.


PositionSource {
    name: "geoclue2"
    PluginParameter { name: "desktopId"; value: "SomeIdentifierString" }


QVariantMap params;
params["desktopId"] = "SomeIdentifierString";
QGeoPositionInfoSource *positionSource = QGeoPositionInfoSource::createSource("geoclue2", params, this);