Qt Sensors Backend

Describes how to use the Qt Sensors backend.

The Qt Sensors backend connects the Qt Sensors API to the platform services or hardware sensors.


QSensor instances talk to a backend object. Backends are usually supplied with the Qt Sensors library for a specific device, although third-party backends may be used as well. A backend can talk directly to hardware, or it can talk to a system service. In some instances it can even talk to another sensor. An example of this is the orientation sensor backend that talks to an accelerometer to determine the device orientation.

Backend Classes

If you are making sensors available through the Sensors API, these are the classes to use.


The QSensorBackend class is a sensor implementation.


The QSensorManager class handles registration and creation of sensor backends.


The QSensorBackendFactory class instantiates instances of QSensorBackend.


The QSensorPluginInterface class is the pure virtual interface to sensor plugins.


The QSensorChangesInterface class is the pure virtual interface to sensor plugins.

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