A class which provides the methods for setting PROP values of a replica to value they had the last time the replica was used. More

Inheritance diagram of PySide6.QtRemoteObjects.QRemoteObjectAbstractPersistedStore

Inherited by: QRemoteObjectSettingsStore


Virtual functions#


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Detailed Description#

This can be used to provide a “reasonable” value to be displayed until the connection to the source is established and current values are available.

This class must be overridden to provide an implementation for saving ( saveProperties ) and restoring ( restoreProperties ) PROP values. The derived type can then be set for a node, and any replica acquired from that node will then automatically store PERSISTED properties when the replica destructor is called, and retrieve the values when the replica is instantiated.

class PySide6.QtRemoteObjects.QRemoteObjectAbstractPersistedStore([parent=None])#


Constructs a QRemoteObjectAbstractPersistedStore with the given parent. The default value of parent is None.

abstract PySide6.QtRemoteObjects.QRemoteObjectAbstractPersistedStore.restoreProperties(repName, repSig)#
Return type:

.list of QVariant

This method will be provided the replica class’s repName and repSig when the replica is being initialized. It is the responsibility of the inheriting class to get the last values persisted by saveProperties and return them. An empty QVariantList should be returned if no values are available.

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abstract PySide6.QtRemoteObjects.QRemoteObjectAbstractPersistedStore.saveProperties(repName, repSig, values)#

This method will be provided the replica class’s repName, repSig and the list of values that PERSISTED properties have when the replica destructor was called. It is the responsibility of the inheriting class to store the information in a manner consistent for restoreProperties to retrieve.