Graphics View Examples#

Using the Graphics View framework.


Qt provides powerful graphics engine that supports easy visualization of items, with support for rotation and zooming. Additionally it provides an event propagation architecture for interaction.

These examples demonstrate the fundamental aspects of canvas programming with Qt.

40000 Chips

Visualizes a huge graphic view scene with 40000 chip items.


Demonstrates how to animate items on a graphics view.


Demonstrate how to use the Graphics View framework.


Demonstrates how to drag and drop items in a graphics view.


Demonstrates how to interact with graphical items in a scene.

These examples show the use of graphics widgets and layouts.

Basic Graphics Layouts Example

Demonstrates how to create basic graphics layout.

Simple Anchor Layout Example

Demonstrates anchor layout on a graphics view scene.

Some examples demonstrate the use of graphics effects with canvas items.


Demonstrates how to apply graphical effects on items in the view.