This tool is automatically called by pyside6-project so you don’t need to call it manually. Qt Creator will take care of this step as well while executing a project.

pyside6-rcc is a command line tool for converting .qrc files into .py files, so they can be used within your Python code.

The tool is a wrapper around the rcc tool, which was originally designed to generate C++ code, but it also has Python support.

Even though the equivalent of pyside6-rcc is running rcc -g python we strongly recommend you to rely on pyside6-rcc in order to avoid mismatches between versions for the generated code.


Once you have gathered your resources on a qrc file, you can transform your .qrc file with the following command:

pyside6-rcc your_file.qrc -o

It is important to use the -o option to generate the Python file with the conversion, otherwise you will receive all the output as stdout in your terminal.

To enable the usage of those resources in your program, you need to import the file:

import rc_your_file

then you can use a specific resource, for example an image, with the prefix :/, for example:

pixmap = QPixmap(":/icons/image.png")

For additional options, you can use pyside6-rcc -h in order to get more information about additional options.

Visit the tutorial Using .qrc Files (pyside6-rcc) for a hands-on example.