ListItem QML Type

The list item component of Neptune 3. More...

Since: Qt 5.11




Detailed Description

The ListItem provides a type of a list item with one button or text at the right side

See Neptune 3 UI Components and Interfaces to see more available components in Neptune 3 UI.

Example Usage

The following example uses ListItem:

import QtQuick 2.10
import shared.controls 1.0

Item {
    id: root
    ListView {
        model: 3
        delegate:  ListItem {
            rightToolSymbol: "ic-close"
            text: "Title ListItem"
            secondaryText: "Secondary Text List Item"

Property Documentation

rightToolSymbol : string

This property holds the tool icon source that is aligned to the right side of ListItem.

secondaryText : string

This property holds a textual component that is aligned to the right side of ListItem.

Signal Documentation


This signal is emitted when right tool is clicked.

Note: The corresponding handler is onRightToolClicked.

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