Neptune 3 UI - System UI

Neptune 3's System UI is a Qt QML application comprised of one or two top-level QWindows: a Center Console window and an optional Instrument Cluster window. But it is a special Qt QML application as it uses a Wayland server Qt platform backend, which turns it into a fully fledged compositing window manager.

Regular applications (which are called as Neptune 3 applications or simply applications) then show up on System UI as plain QML Items that it positions on its QML scene as it sees fit. Applications use a Wayland client Qt platform backend instead.

On target hardware each of the System UI windows will drive an entire display or screen (ie, be fullscreen, controlling all that is rendered on them). But on a development environment you will see each System UI window as a plain desktop window.

Neptune 3 defines three types of application windows, each of them being handled differently by System UI. Namely primary windows, secondary windows and pop-up windows. A Neptune 3 application must have one primary window and, optionally, one secondary window.

System UI is able to tell them apart by checking their "windowType" window property. Application code doesn't have to worry about this implementation detail though, this is taken care of by the specialized QML components PrimaryWindow, SecondaryWindow and PopupWindow.

System UI also provides a way to take a screenshot of the current state of Neptune 3 UI and export it. At the same time, it also exports the output of Qt diagnostic tool. The exported files will be stored under /tmp folder. In order to do this, the user can press and hold the clock at the top right corner of the Center Console or press CTRL + p.

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