ListItemSwitch QML Type

The list item with progress bar component of Neptune 3. More...

Since: Qt 5.11




Detailed Description

The ListItemSwitch provides a type of a list item with a Switch at the right side.

See Neptune 3 UI Components and Interfaces to see more available components in Neptune 3 UI.

Example Usage

The following example uses ListItemSwitch:

import QtQuick 2.10
import shared.controls 1.0

Item {
    id: root
    ListView {
        model: 3
        delegate: ListItemSwitch {
           Layout.fillWidth: true
           text: "Downloading the application"
           onSwitchClicked {
               console.log("switch clicked");

Property Documentation

position : real

This property holds the logical position of the thumb indicator.

This property's default is 0.0.

switchOn : bool

This property holds whether the switch is on or off.

This property's default is false.

Signal Documentation


This signal is emitted when the switch is clicked by the user.

Note: The corresponding handler is onSwitchClicked.


This signal is emitted when the switch is toogled by the user.

Note: The corresponding handler is onSwitchToggled.

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