ScalableColorOverlay QML Type

The scalable color overlay component of Neptune 3. More...

Since: Qt 5.13



Detailed Description

The ScalableColorOverlay alters the colors of the source item by applying an overlay color, it scales according to image source scale factor.

Example Usage

The following example uses ScalableColorOverlay:

import QtQuick 2.10
import shared.effects 1.0

Item {
    id: root

    Image {
        id: img
        source: "path to image"
        ScalableColorOverlay {
            anchors.fill: parent
            source: img
            color: "red"

Property Documentation

color : color

This property defines the RGBA color value which is used to colorize the source. By default, the property is set to "transparent".

source : variant

This property defines the source item that provides the source pixels for the effect.

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