SystemInfo QML Type

Provides information about Qt configuration, network state, operating system and hardware. More...

Since: Qt 5.11
Instantiates: QObject


Detailed Description

A SystemInfo type provides information about the system, in this case the device and the Operating System, which the app runs on. It provides Network availability related properties and a subset of the C++ QSysInfo API. All of these properties are read-only.

See also QSysInfo.

Property Documentation

addressList : var

Returns addresses for all available network interfaces of the device in the following format:

<interface name> <ip address> <hardware address>

SystemInfo {
     id: sysinfo
Text {
     text: sysinfo.addressList.join("\n")

See also QNetworkInterface::allInterfaces().

connected : bool

Specifies whether the device is connected to the network.

cpu : string

Returns the full architecture string that Qt was compiled for: CPU Architecture, endianness, word size and ABI (optional).

See also QSysInfo::buildAbi().

internetAccess : bool

Specifies whether the device has connection to the Internet.

kernel : string

Returns the Operating System kernel type, for which Qt was compiled.

See also QSysInfo::kernelType().

kernelVersion : string

Returns the Operating System's kernel version.

See also QSysInfo::kernelVersion().

productName : string

Returns a product type, version, as well as tokens like the Operating System type, codenames, and more. The result of this function is suitable to display to the user, but not for long-term storage, as the string may change in future versions of Qt.

See also QSysInfo::prettyProductName().

qtDiag : string

Returns the output from a qtdiag run, which contains information on the current Qt installation.

qtVersion : string

Returns the Qt version.

See also qVersion.

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